Get More Visibility. Build Your Credibility.

When it comes to Content Marketing, do you feel lonely and discouraged?

You are a coach, consultant, or service provider, and just want to help and empower others.

But you know you need website updates and social media posts and a regular newsletter.

Oh my!

You have to build an email list and write blog posts and create lead magnet freebies.


How do they all fit together? Are you doing them ‘right’?

As a mighty do-it-your-selfer, you love to learn, figure things out, and are thrilled to see things come together.

You could just use a little help.


As your personal, Content Marketing Mentor, I am here to guide you towards your content marketing goals, so that you can build your credibility.

Credibility shows authority.

Credibility earns trust.

Credibility sets you apart.

Build your credibility with a content marketing strategy and you’ll look like the Go To Expert. You will attract more of your ideal clients because they’ll love the valuable content you share with them.

With my mentoring, you still get to be the do-it-your-selfer but with my personalized advice and direction.

Here are a couple of options to improve your credibility factor:


How Healthy Is Your Content Marketing?

How would you like a diagnosis of how you’re performing today and where you can improve?


  • Validate what you are doing well
  • Identify gaps that are hindering your progress
  • Provide recommendations to improve your results

With a Marketing Checkup, you will receive a personalized Content Marketing Prescription (by video!) to boost your overall content marketing wellness.

What is a Marketing Checkup?

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You plod along with all the marketing bits and pieces and rules and changes.

Often you just spin your wheels in frustration and don’t get anywhere.

I can mentor you so that you get clear on what you need to do and how.

As your Content Marketing BFF, I help you build your knowledge and skills so that you have a strong foundation and plan. You become  more confident and efficient with any content marketing tactics, including email marketing, social media, even your website content.

You’ll receive some training, direction, feedback on your progress, and I’ll hold your hand along the way.

I can mentor you on all 7 different content marketing modules over a six-month period, or zero in on one particular area for 30-days.

If you want prospects to see you as the authority and the obvious choice to hire, set yourself up for success with a Mentor Package.

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