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Your email list is your most Valuable Marketing Asset.

To have permission to be in someone’s Inbox is golden. That’s their private space, unlike social media.

Publish an e-Newsletter to build relationships and trust with your audience. Your prospects will get to know you and see what an expert you are. Your current clients will become more loyal and continue to buy from you.

I will help build a content strategy, and write or edit material as you require.

Let’s get you in the Inbox, today. Sign up for my Newsletter Writing Service.


More Than Just an Email

A newsletter is more than just sending an email. You must be professional looking, and consistent with your content, in order to make an impact.

There are many things I help you consider:

  • Subject lines – what will make them open your newsletter
  • Esthetics – formatting, layout, images
  • Content – entertaining, educational, enlightening – only 20% promotional
  • Writing Style – language, emotion, engagement 

Start building your loyal audience, by contacting me for help.


Where Do You Get an Email List?

You have to build your email list by signing up people you meet, through your website, or even Facebook.

According to the pending Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL), and the US Can-Spam Act, you must receive permission from a person before you can send them a commercial email.

Using email platforms like MailChimp, Constant Contact, or Aweber, we can create a professional looking newsletter, AND control your email lists and unsubscribes.

Learn how to build and manage your lists with my E-Newsletter Service.


Get a Second Opinion

You may be very capable of getting your newsletter up and running. I have faith in you.

But, I also know it’s a great idea to have a second set of eyes look at what you’ve created, or what you have written.

For your first couple of issues, I’d be happy to provide feedback, and polish things up with a little editing.


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