When you think of a brand, do you usually think of logos like: Apple, McDonald’s or Nike?

A brand is more than just a visual icon. It identifies your personality, image and uniqueness. It’s how you say things and how you do things. It’s how you treat your customers and how others perceive you.

A home-based business needs an identity, too, and it starts with your personal brand. Before you think of developing a logo, picking colors for your business card, or building a website, focus on YOU. Start with these three principles to build your personal brand.

1. Be positive

Be the half-glass-full person that people love to be around. Cast away those criticizing, complaining ways. When someone asks how you are, have a positive response like, ‘good,’ ‘great,’ ‘couldn’t be better.’ Ditch the ‘not bad,’ ‘I hate Mondays,’ ‘arrggg, traffic was stupid this morning.’ Spread cheer, not jeers.

2. Be authentic

What does that mean? It means, just be you. Be confident in who you are and what you bring to the world. Don’t try to be someone you are not. People buy from people and they can smell a fake. If they like you, they’ll buy from you, and be happy to recommend you to others.

3. Be helpful

Yes, you are trying to sell your product or service, but really, you should be trying to find a solution to a person’s problem. If you can’t deliver that service, perhaps you can recommend someone to your customer, or help them with a solution that is not your product. They’ll remember your generosity and send other business your way.

Start living these three ‘attitudes’, today. Work on these, and then you can move into a more business-like strategy to develop your personal brand further.

“Believe in yourself. If you don’t, then no one else will have a reason to” ~John Di Lemme


Brand personalityHere’s to your success!


Bonnie Chomica

Web Copywriter &
Content Marketer

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