internet entrepreneurAlthough you may work at home, or on your own, Entrepreneurs can’t do it all by themselves. Growing your business requires teams of people.

As your business explodes, you will need to outsource certain activities, like financial tasks, administrative tasks, and your marketing, so you have time to work on your core business activities.  You will need a board of directors to help you continue on your personal development journey.

Entrepreneurs Outsource For Results

To really scale up your business, you need a team of people – a team of support people to help you with your business. Find people you can outsource to whether it’s an administrative person, or someone who can make phone calls for you, or even someone who can write copy for you.

There are tons of resources online (ODesk for example), or try your local college for cheap labour. Or ask other entrepreneurs who they are outsourcing to.

Your Personal Board of Directors

You have a legitimate business. You need your own personal board of directors or BOD.

These are not people who necessarily have a stake in your business, but they may have a stake in you. These are people you know that you can turn to, or people you don’t know that you would think how they would coach you, or how they would handle a situation.

Donald Trump or Tony Robbins come to mind. I don’t know them personally, but from their teachings and work ethic, I highly respect them. I have them in my BOD.

There are also people I know on my BOD. My mentor, my accountability buddy, my husband, and trusted business associates. All people I know and highly respect. I can either ask them what they think, or just consider how they might direct me or handle the situation themselves.

It’s really about growing and being accountable to yourself and your goals.

Entrepreneurs Are Leaders

By building your business, your dreams, and your BOD, you will show up in your business as a leader. People follow leaders. Your customers will love you, and new prospects will want to join your community.

Don’t let your ego take control and tell you that you can go it alone. Flick that ego off your shoulder. There is more impact in unity, than by doing something on your own.

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