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Vancouver Skyline

I love being an Entrepreneur. Having my own business and working from home is incredibly fulfilling. But, every now and then, a girl’s got to get out of the house.

So, I took a trip to the Big City.

And it cracked open my mind.

The Entrepreneur Lives on an Island

I live on an island. Vancouver Island. It’s big. I’m not sure of the actual size, but it would take you 7 hours to drive from one end to the other. There are a couple of small cities, several large towns and lots of rural and wilderness areas – not to mention all the seaside cultures.

I live in a quiet, semi-rural neighbourhood near the sea. The closest town is mostly retired people and services to support them, with a few interesting boutiques and restaurants scattered throughout.

But, after being on the island for several months, I decided it was time to put on my city clothes and head over to Vancouver.

The Entrepreneur Pays for Parking

Vancouver is a two-hour ferry ride from my island. Surrounded by mountains on one side, and the ocean on the other, it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Like any big city, there is a vibrant energy everywhere. And the mix of cultures and socio-economic status seem to live in relative harmony.

  • Mexican shops and middle eastern restaurants
  • record stores and head shops
  • Ferraris and Aston Martins driving beside rust buckets
  • Hermes and Chanel and bohemian boutiques
  • day spas beside drug treatment centres
  • ski hills, yacht clubs and nature trails

Oh ya, and signs like:

“Nick’s Junk Service
Haul anything but dead bodies”

Definitely not something you’d see in my little seaside paradise. :)

I had a blast, just wandering around between visits with my friends.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my island – I don’t have to pay for parking,
but this trip to the city has lifted my senses, shaken up my thoughts.


internet entrepreneur

A Moment of Clarity

The Entrepreneur Has a Moment of Clarity

Just on the ferry ride alone, my mind opened up. I could see the path I needed to take in my business. I made decisions about things I needed to stop doing, and formed a much more focused strategy about what I needed to be doing next.

Just like Jules in Pulp Fiction. I had a moment of clarity.

As I met old friends and told them that I was an internet entrepreneur, I was able to weave in my new vision to the conversation, and my plan formulated as I spoke.

And when I get on the ferry today for another two-hour ride, I will be able to dig deeper into my direction and really nail down what steps I need to take.

Are You a Visionary Entrepreneur?

When I work at home, I can get bogged down in minutiae and pulling technical things together. Writing, and training, and tracking, and research. Talking to customers. Meeting with mentors.

Day to day things are important, but sometimes you need to step back and look at things from a higher level.

– What is your ultimate goal?

– What are your dreams?

– Why are you doing this?

– How can you make it happen?

– How can you do things differently?

Take a break from your routine. I mean really take a break.
Do something out of the ordinary. Do something by yourself.

Go to a museum. Go to the zoo. Go for a boat ride or a hike in the woods.
If you live in the country, go to the city. If you live in the city, go to the country.

Just go somewhere where your senses are stimulated in a different way
and you can clear your head. But you have to go by yourself.

New and clarifying thoughts will just starting rolling in.

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