customer avatarTo be a successful internet entrepreneur, you need to create your customer avatar for each niche you are marketing in. The concept comes from Frank Kern, master marketing ninja.

Creating a single character, or avatar, of your prospective audience will help you to write better copy. You will be creating a conversation with an individual person, instead of with a mass audience where your voice will be lost.

You can better identify what one person’s fears and frustrations are. Solve their problems, or ease their pain, and they will be more likely to trust and like you.
You’ll stand out.

I mean think about it. You don’t make money solving your own problems. You only make money when you solve someone else’s. So, you better speak their language.

Here’s a simple example. Imagine the avatar you are marketing to is a Franchise owner, someone who has a restaurant or retail chain, that they’ve bought into.

Some of the key problems those franchisees worry about, or feel pain with are:

  • large franchise fees
  • employees who don’t show up
  • high overhead costs

When you write your copy, your website, your ads, think about how the pain affects their lives. Write it in their
language, terms that will resonate with them, so they can get emotionally involved with your offer.

Creating Your Customer Avatar

You need to build a character in your mind of who your target customer is. Just one person. If you think of one
person, you’ll write like you are talking to one person. When someone reads that copy, they will feel they like
they are being spoken to directly.

Let’s start here:

In your head, think about:

Who is your ideal prospect?
What is the world your prospect lives in?
What is the language you’re prospect will listen to?

Now, get out a pen and paper and go through this list. Create your customer avatar, or character,
one step at a time.

  1. Are they male or female?
  2. What is their name?
  3. How old are they?
  4. What do they do for a living?
  5. What bothers them most about their life right now?
  6. What excites them more than anything in the world? What is their fantasy?
  7. What terrifies them, gives them indigestion, keeps them awake at night?
  8. What books do they read?
    i.e. personal growth, business strategy,
  9. What is the #1 problem in their life right now, that if you could solve, they would pay you any
    amount of money you asked for?

Do you now have a picture of this person? It’s who you are going to talk to.

Homework – Create Your Customer Avatar

  1. Write out your avatar profile for each niche you are targeting – i.e. moms working at home,
    corporate executives, network marketers, realtors, etc.
  2. Write out some headlines and ads that would speak to each different avatar.
  3. Find a list of places to advertise where your ‘ideal avatar’ is online.

You will continue to tweak your ads, headlines and other copy, but now at least you’ll know
who you are talking to.

Befriend Your Customer Avatar

Now that you know who you are talking to in your sales letters, email marketing, blog posts, or ads,
continue to get to know your avatars. Find out where they search or what they read.
Where do they hang out online?

The better you know your avatar, the better your copy will become. Better copy will result
in more sales. More sales leads to your evolving success.
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