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As you may know, I haven’t always been an entrepreneur. I came from a marketing and communications background in the corporate world.

I used my writing skills mostly to build sales tools, brochures, and websites, things to help sales people sell. Since becoming an internet entrepreneur, I’ve been able to complement what I already know, with copywriting skills I’ve learned specifically for online marketing.

The folks at the St. Paul Marketing Team recently asked me to Guest Blog on their site, so I thought I’d share some writing tips on trying to capture your readers’ attention.


Writing Skills of an Entrepreneur

Whether you are writing ads, emails, or writing blog posts and articles, your goal is to make them read further, or click on a link to get them further into your sales funnel.

Go over to my Guest Post, and see how you can compel your audience to take action by:

1. Making them curious
2. Asking compelling questions
3. Being controversial
4. Giving them a time limit

Go have a look at my post, and comment if you have a question, see something you like, or can add more ideas.

Thanks St. Paul Marketing Team!

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