How to Guarantee Success


How to Guarantee Success Online

Tony Robbins wrote, “Success leaves clues”. The clues are out there, like big footprints in the snow. Once you know your purpose and where you want to take your business, find a leader and copy their proven success model. Their footprints will be easy to follow once you start looking for them.

Modeling a successful leader is the easiest way to achieve online success, or success in any life endeavor. Follow what they do, and copy it, just like a paint by numbers set.

And I do mean copy it. They are successful for a reason. And by copy, I don’t mean plagiarize. You have to make things your own, but just follow what they have done – to the letter. Their path will show you How To Guarantee Success Online.

How to Guarantee Success – Be the Student

Once you find a leader to model, you must become a master of your craft. That’s how to guarantee success.
Study your leader.

– What are they doing and how?
– What tools do they use?
– What is their writing style?
– What does their sales funnel look like?
– How do they engage their leads?
– What is their main marketing strategy? Video? Blogging? PPC?

By studying the leader, you can then determine what specific tools or training you might need that are
specific for your business goals.

How to guarantee successDon’t just buy and read general information products and tools. It’s a waste of your time.

Quit jumping at the next shiny object that looks like a short cut to building your business. It is a distraction and will send you backwards and not forwards.

Buy specific tools and training to support proven success models. What is your leader using. Embrace them as smart and necessary investments in the success of your business.

How to Guarantee Success – Stay The Course

The person you are following was successful for a reason. You are modeling them for that reason. Follow them exactly.

If you deviate, you risk not getting the same results. Don’t even try to tweak or do something different.
If you try to do something your way, it will just keep you broke.

The success model is a proven way that works. You have to do things in a very specific way.
Once you start making the same results as your leader, then you can go find your own way.

Find Your Leader and Their Success Model

The easiest and fastest way on how to guarantee success is to copy a proven success model.
But, it only works if you can follow instructions, follow a well lit path and stay on that path.

I found a regular plethora of leaders at Empower Network, who are banding together to coach over
20,000 online marketers. Inside the circle, is the only training you’re likely to need. I invite you to
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