Crab Fishing Tips
Crab Fishing Tips

My husband and I have been combing the docks, and asking anybody we meet, for the best crab fishing tips in British Columbia (BC). After going out to set our crab traps for the first time, I saw a direct co-relation to what you need to do to catch more customers in your online business.

Last summer we moved to Vancouver Island, off the west coast of Canada. We live across the street from a small marina, where we moor a 16 foot fishing boat. The bay where we live is very deep and ideal for prawn fishing, but the real treasure is 5 minutes away, at the end of the bay, where we can catch Dungeness Crabs.


Crabbing Research in BC

We certainly know how to eat crab, but to catch our own we had to do some research.

We didn’t go out on the water and drop a trap just anywhere, and pray for some crustaceans to waltz into it. We had to learn how the traps worked, what bait to use, how deep to drop the line, etc.

We had to have a plan before we even went out on the water.

Your business is the same. You can’t just throw stuff on the Internet and expect people to find you. You have to develop a plan of where to find customers and how they can find you. What are you selling? Who will buy it, and why? How will they find you?

Find a specific niche audience, provide solutions to their problems, and they’ll buy from you. (A bit simplified, but you get the gist).

Crab Fishing Tips and Marketing Tools

To catch crabs, you need a crab pot, or trap. It’s a wire basket with doors, gates or a hole. When the crab goes through one of the doors or gates, it closes and they can’t get out.

You need a crab pot for your customers to go into. I’m not saying you should trap them, and not let them find a way out. That’s bad business practice. The analogy, here, is that you have to attract your customers so they can see your offer (your bait).

Whether you are using a website or landing page, or a stand alone capture page, you need a place to guide your prospects to, a gate that they can enter to find your product.

BC Crabbing Tips and Online Traffic

If we are going to catch crab, we need to know where they hang out. Talking to local fisherman, and researching online, the best depth to find them is at approximately 50 feet, and close to where a fresh water stream or river comes into the ocean.

Where do your prospects hang out? How are you going to create website traffic? Find out sites where your niche audience visit. Where do they see and click on ads? Where do they shop, and what kinds of things do they buy? Just like crabs, you need to know where to go fishing.

Crab Fishing Tips – Trap and Bait

We have a crab trap that holds a bait mesh bag, so our prey is lured or enticed to come into the trap. They need a place to go. We can’t just pick them up on the beach.

The type of bait we use is like any kind of fishing, it depends on the story teller. Crab fishing tips are similar to any fishing guidance you get, it’s based on experience. Some people use fish heads, some use fried chicken. We used a salmon head, topped with bacon. Who can resist bacon?

Offering your prospects bacon might not be a good business strategy, unless you’re a butcher, but what DO you have to offer?

Your ads and keyword-rich content need to attract people, get their attention. What solution are you providing for their problem? What is your offer? What will they find so stimulating or scrumptious, that they’ll be ready to buy when they crawl into your trap, er, I mean, website?
Crab Fishing tips

Crab Fishing Tips Produce Results

Because we leave our crab pot in the water for a guesstimated amount of time, we have to hope that when we go back to retrieve it, that it has crabs in it. Once we learn exactly where to hunt for them, and what to bait them with, our chances of catching dinner will go up exponentially.

Each time we go out, we will tweak everything we do, until we find out what works best.

The Internet is a funny thing, and so are your prospects. You can’t guarantee when someone is going to see your ad, or read your content. It may take weeks or even months to percolate on the web.

You need to keep learning marketing tips, just like crab fishing tips, then implement those suggestions a bit at a time. Tweak your offer, or headline, or where or when you advertise. You will definitely improve your results.

Build a high converting sales funnel, so once your prospects are in it, it’s easy for them to buy, or find more information. Once they are customers, provide excellent service to them so they feel good about their purchase. They will learn to trust you and will be more likely to come back and buy again.

Best Crab Fishing Tips – Keep Tweaking What Works

Based on the crab fishing tips we picked up from the locals, the other day we went out for our first time and dropped a trap. After 3 hours we went back to check the crab pot. Alas, there was just one itty bitty crab that we had to throw back.

But, now that we know where to go, we need to try different depths, and bait, and timing based on those crab fishing tips.

I may not, yet, be a successful crab fisherwoman, but as a successful internet entrepreneur, I know how to think outside of the boat:)

I’ve been able to start and grow my business with some very special people. Although they may not use specific crab fishing tips, I’m confident you will find this information useful to leave your job, and get your own business off the ground.

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