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Chris Brogan Speech Review – Pt 1

Last weekend, I attended the 3rd Social Media Camp in Victoria, BC, and was very excited to hear Chris Brogan as the keynote speaker. I’d been warned by others that had heard him speak that he may not deliver what you expect.

So, not knowing how things would pan out, I had no expectations, but was pleasantly relieved to hear a very personal and relevant speech for the audience at hand. The room was full of social media types from all walks of life. He certainly touched on a few cords that would have been relevant to each person in the audience.


Who the Heck is Chris Brogan

Chris Brogan is a New York Times bestselling author, a professional speaker, a strategic advisor to mid and large sized companies, plus a blogger and creative producer. His popular blog,, is in the Top 5 of the Advertising Age Power150.

He is a key influencer in how people do business online using social media and good old sales and customer service strategies.

Chris Brogan and Google +

Some of the meat of Chris’s speech was about Google+ and how it stands out as a social network. It continues to grow.

Google Plus is not a network like Facebook which is mostly your old friends and family, it’s a place where people connect through common interests. It really becomes your network, and not just a place where you are a member.

Following is not the goal, interaction is. We should be connecting.

You can see that Facebook is just set up for advertising. Google+ , on the other hand, is part of the huge network of other Google products. Depending on who might be in your Google+ Circles, and therefore your circle of influence, your content rankings in Google’s search engine will change.

Chris Brogan and ‘Impact Equation’

Brogan is coming out with a new book called ‘Impact Equation’ (with Julien Smith). He partially described an acronym for the word Create, that is spelled out further in the book.

C is for Contrast – With so much noise online, you need to be seen as a contrast, whether it’s humour, or sweetness, or being profound. Maybe you’re just completely whacky.

R is for Reach – You have the opportunity to get your message to a lot of people. Facebook and Linkedin are closed – invite only. Google Plus can take you further.

E is for Echo – People need to hear an idea that they feel they can make their own. Try to get people to say they’ve had the same idea before.

A is for Articulation – Be brief. The short form is alive and well. There is too much fluff in the world. Provide world changing thought leadership, but tell it to me like I’m a six year old.

T is for Trust – communications with prospects and customers today, is about growing and nurturing, it’s not about making money.

E is for ??? – Chris stumbled on the last E, saying he forgot. Or was it a ploy to get us to buy the book? I’m pretty sure he doesn’t work that way.

Chris Brogan Influencer

If you didn’t know who Chris Brogan was, I think you would have found his speech somewhat scattered. But with a room full of social media geeks, I believe we all found great value in nitty gritty details and lofty cerebral musings – whether you agreed with them or not.

The man has his pulse connected to the online world and how we work and live in it. Chris Brogan is also now providing a lot of focus for small and home business entrepreneurs, and not just the big and mighty corporations that he is trying to make more human.

With intelligent humour and insightful wisdom to pay attention to, I deem this Brogan presentation a success.

Pre-order Chris’s book at Amazon – The Impact Equation.

Bonnie Chomica

Bonnie Chomica

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