customer engagement strategies


Customer Engagement Strategies

The new world of digital marketing revolves around customer engagement strategies. This has become more prominent with the growth of social media networks. Social marketing evolved because people started talking ‘with’ their customers instead of ‘to’ their customers.

Social has benefited the customer more because they have a say in what is being ‘pitched’ to them, or how they perceive a brand, or how they want to improve their buying experience.

And then there is the power of the inbox (Refer to previous post). Your prospect or customer’s inbox is a valuable opportunity to focus your customer engagement strategies. It’s a focused media to ask questions, and entice people to share your message.

Building Your Brand

If you put one toe in the internet waters, you’ve started to create your brand – whether you’re big business, or a home business owner. Being aware of your brand before you build your customer engagement strategies.

It starts with first impressions and ends with the last interaction. So, clean yourself up. Good first impressions are essential to a successful relationship with your prospects.

Learn how to tell your story and get good at telling it. Build an inviting brand personality, and your customer engagement strategies will be more impactful.

– People will look to you for info. They’ll think you’re the guru.

Be the leader. Show them the way.

– Be of service. Distill info for your reader and make a mole hill out of a mountain.

There are oodles of personal branding books. Start with Brand You, or Me 2.0, and you can’t go wrong.

Customer Engagement Strategies to Build your Brand

The latest buzz words in the online marketing space are about engaging your customers. Look at these words, and what does your mind conjure up?

customer engagement strategies

The words indicate benefits to your brand. Build your customer engagement strategies with these concepts in mind. If you engage your customers in just the right way, they will spread the word, be happy to talk about your brand.

Give them something to talk about, and recognize and reward them for it.

Be The Belle of The Social Media Ball

Or if you’re a guy, be that guy that everyone wants to be around – the one that listens and makes you feel important.

Social media is like a big cocktail party. You don’t like to be sold to at a party, right? You wouldn’t show up at a party and start signing up people to your newsletter, would you?

Then don’t do that in social media.

Social Media Party Tips

(for when you are engaged or interacting on social sites, even blog and forum comments)

  1. Listen first, then respond
  2. Be brief, be brilliant, and be gone
  3. Work the room
  4. Don’t sell

Think about how you can:

  • better serve your community
  • add value to a conversation (without selling)

…and hopefully one of your followers will share and recommend.

Customer Engagement Strategies and Respect

As Aretha Franklin would sing… R-E-S-P-E-C-T that is what it means to me.

Respect your audience, whether it’s a prospect or someone that is already a customer. Treat them like you’d like to be treated.

I love social and email marketing for that sheer opportunity to build relationships, long lasting relationships. It’s fun, rewarding, and heck, it can even be lucrative.

Consider how you ‘socialize’ or use email marketing, when building your customer relationship strategies.

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