blog topics to write aboutI’m really excited about 2013 as Content Marketing continues to be on the rise. The need to provide quality content to people seeking help and solutions should be every business’s marketing focus.

The old school of trying to rank with keywords and meta tags is clearly going the way of the dodo bird, or Google Pandas and Penguins. Tell stories about how people can get results, and stop just pushing your products.

People are tired of sales pitches. It’s spammy.

What Can You Write About?

Think of things to write that your audience can relate to. Here are 7 things you can think about every day to find cool readable and useful material for your readers.


    1. Movies – There is usually some lesson in most movies, especially those with villains
      and heroes, or people starting or losing a business.
    2. Reviews – Give your honest impression of a new product you’ve used for business,
      good or bad.
    3. Books – Recommend books that can help a business owner with their productivity,
      financial challenges, etc.
    4. Tools You Wouldn’t Give Up – things you use in your business that could help
      someone else.
    5. Topical News – Relate something in the news to your business, or a client’s.
    6. People – Whether it’s one of your clients, someone in your neighbourhood, or someone
      you don’t even know, what do you like about them and why?
    7. Connections – Be the person that connects people. Introduce them to social sites,
      forums, groups, etc. Engage people and share.


Writing Shouldn’t Be a Chore

These are just a basis for ideas. You can expand each section into subsections to get even more ideas.

Don’t over think about what you can write about.

Start to be aware of what’s around you and jot down notes (paper or smart phone). You’ll be amazed at how fast your topic list grows. It will become a place, not only to jot down an idea for a story, but you’ll find you will start to build bullets for the meat of the article, making your writing easier, for later.

After awhile, the habit will make your writing much easier, and your audience will love you for it.

What will you see and write about today?


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