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Social Media Camp is not just about Tweeps geeking out. There is definitely some of that, but really, it’s about marketing your business and how to engage your customers – the foundations for building your success.

Social Media Camp 2013 in Victoria, once again had a stellar line up of keynote speakers and workshops. This was my second conference, and I’ve already got the third on my calendar. Social Media Camp 2014 is May 1-3 (you should mark yours, too).

It took me until now to write this post, because, well, I don’t have staff – lol! I just got quite busy catching up on client work, after being away at Camp for several days. Hopefully, it is worth the wait.

I wanted to share some special moments that made a profound impact on me. Each moment is about one of the speakers; each special in their own unique way. They each taught me how to show up in my business every day, as a servant leader.

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Mari Smith

What an amazing servant leader this lady is. I had the opportunity to brainstorm with Mari Smith at the opening reception, having her for ten minutes to myself. Mari helped me with a specific client problem, and really opened up. She made quite an impact on me.

The next day she was the first keynote speaker, and this is what I gleaned out of her presentation.

“Content is King, but Engagement is Queen, and she rules the house!”

  • Just pushing out information is old school. You’ve got to be interactive and serve people. Be genuine, passionate, and caring.
  • The root of the word authority is ‘author’. You need to author more content and place it on the web to show you are the authority or ‘Go to’ person in your niche.
  • Using social media helps with engagement, but also brings prospects into your email funnel. And, Email is fundamental to marketing.
  • If you’re not building an email list, start one today. Having permission to be in someone’s inbox is an opportunity to build a relationship, earn trust, and get more business.

For more content gems and insights, visit Mari’s website and follow her social networks…And get a bunch of free stuff!

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Tyrell Mara

A relatively new kid on the block (in my experience), who elevated my Social Media Camp experience, is Tyrell Mara.

I read a pre-conference blog post he wrote about tips to prepare for the conference. I commented and introduced myself on Twitter. We subsequently met at the pre-conference event, and he also gave me ten minutes of his time to brain storm my client dilemma. A servant leader at his finest.

Tyrell spoke at a workshop the next day with such passion and enthusiasm, I couldn’t help but want to know more about him and his work.

Here are some nuggets from his presentation:

“Intentional conversations + Relationships = Opportunity”

Relating to online connections, have conversations that matter.

  1. Follow the follower – look who’s following you and put some energy into starting a conversation
  2. Ask questions – they’re the best catalyst to start conversations
  3. Compliments – acknowledge something unique about them
  4. Listen – are you listening to the right conversations
  5. Tell Your Story!  People love to hear stories, so weave it in wherever you can.

Make an emotional connection, something beyond your products and services. Create an environment to have meaningful conversations.

Get to know Tyrell. He’s an insightful leader. You’ll find out that he was a sports star, too,  and I never tire of committed athletes’ stories.

C.C. Chapman, social media camp. Bonnie Chomica marketing

C.C. Chapman

I had not heard of C.C. until this conference, but be assured, I’m following him now. The true essence of servant leader, this man is about giving, and being different.

I had lunch with C.C. on the last day of Camp (okay, along with 100 other people). So, I never technically met the man, but he spoke at lunch and was the keynote who ended the conference.

He hooked me.

Here are some of C.C.’s messages on how to live your life from a different perspective:

Normal is boring!

  • Don’t be afraid to have an opinion.
  • Figure out what rules you can break – in a nice way, of course. Don’t break the law.
  • Don’t let the seagulls (people) poop on your life or ideas.
  • Be a Duck – let the bad stuff roll of your back. And just shout Quack! Quack!
  • Don’t be afraid to wander and wonder like a child again. Literally go outside and wander.
  • Play in the rain. It’s fun!

And the big finish – give back to the world around you. Be an advocate for something you believe in. You’ve learned so much about business, and social media. Use those skills and experience to help promote your charities and causes. Be their advocate.

That’s a solid conviction to do some good in the world.

Get a taste of inspiration from C.C. Chapman – storyteller, explorer and humanitarian.

Servant Leaders Succeed

Social Media Camp, or content, or engagement, are not the key messages, here. Servant leadership is your take away. To grow your business and strengthen your core values, you have to give, give, give. Use your knowledge and subsequent content to be genuinely helpful.

As Mari would say,

“Give away your best stuff, and they’ll think…
Whoa! If this is what she’s giving away, imagine if I paid her.”

Be generous, genuinely help people, and it will feel soooo good.

Let’s meet up at next year’s Social Media Camp 2014.

In the meantime, Be Real!

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