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Are you overwhelmed by the thousands of social media ‘expert’ websites? How can you find the most valuable and relevant information for you and your business? 

On a daily basis, I rely on what I consider to be the four best social media resources. These are my ‘Go-To’ people. I’ve shared them here to help you weed out some of the not-so-great sites.

1. Social Media Examiner

Michael Stelzner and his team at Social Media Examiner created one of the largest business blogs with a steady base of over 800,000 monthly readers. Their success has come from creating excellent content.

Focused on supporting small business, they provide practical, timely, and relevant material about all aspects of social marketing, from content to technical. You’ll find value whether you are new to the social scene, or a seasoned social media maven.

Learn about building content, engaging readers and partners, and generating traffic, all key elements to building a successful online strategy.

If I don’t know, or have forgotten how to do something, they’re the first place I look. 

2. Mari Smith

Before becoming one of the top social media icons, Mari Smith was already a successful marketer. She is now best known for her Facebook expertise, but she really understands the whole social media landscape. 

We have all had our Facebook frustrations, that continually challenge us as marketers. Mari keeps current and shares how to optimize your activities, in her simple, yet vibrant style. 

Mari’s strengths lie in personal branding, authenticity, and the value of creating and nurturing relationships, and how to do that with social media. Learn more in her book,  “The New Relationship Marketing”. 

A true servant leader, Mari is extremely generous and delivers great value. She likes to have some fun, too.

3. Copyblogger

This is where you get free content marketing education. Brian Clark and the folks at Copyblogger bash out five or six well-crafted articles a week. I try to make the time to read ALL of them.

You’ll learn about SEO, writing, and blogging, but more importantly, you’ll learn to understand the bigger picture.  

Sign up on their website and you’ll have access to an amazing library of ebooks, and courses (also free), to really hone your marketing skills, and build your credibility.  

4. Hubspot

An authority on inbound marketing, Hubspot provides a plethora of valuable tools to help enhance your business. They have created a very effective software to manage all your online marketing, but you can just sign up to receive their many free guides, reports, and case studies. 

I frequently download their guides and check lists, which have become a great value to my own marketing. 

The Academy on their website is chock full of more advanced training, that can be used if you’re at an intermediate level, or to learn where you need to be. 

Special Mentions

I look at dozens of websites and newsletters, but I chose to focus on the above four. However, I also find great value with these honourable mentions. 

All of them provide great, valuable content, whether free, or with their paid programs. 

Jon Loomer

Amy Porterfield

Duct Tape Marketing

Jeff Bullas


Final Thoughts 

I hope you will find these social media resources helpful. I encourage you to sign up for their newsletters, and connect on all their social sites. You won’t regret it. In fact, you may even thank me. ;)

Remember, Social Media never stands alone. It combines with all your marketing initiatives, to create brand awareness, build your credibility, and create interest, so people want to find out more about you and how you can help them. 

Still overwhelmed by all the information? I’d be happy to help you decipher what could work best for you at this stage of your business. Just contact me. I’d be honoured to help. 

What are your favourite sites? Please share them in the comments below. :) 


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