email subject lines tipswritten by Bonnie Chomica

People’s inboxes are a busy place. How do you break through the clutter, and capture your readers’ attention so they’ll open YOUR email. Start with attention-grabbing Subject Lines.

The following subject line tips apply to your emails, but also consider them for the titles of your articles, blog posts, newsletters, and even social media.


As with most marketing messages you need to appeal to people’s emotions. What is their problem, need, or desire, and how will you help address them.

You’ll recognize some of these tactics in your own inbox. The best subject line enticers usually consists of one of the following approaches:

  • Lists – 7 Best Coffee Shops in Victoria
  • How To –  How to Lose Weight by Dancing
  • Question – Have You Kept Your New Year’s Resolutions?
  • Exclusivity – Just For You, Because You’re a Member
  • Create Urgency – Last Chance – The Offer Closes at Midnight

Peak their curiosity so they will want to open your email to find out more. What’s in it for them?


The following subject line examples will seem pretty obvious, but think of how you can switch them up to use with your products or services.

Get What You Want

 (more time, better lifestyle/health/wealth/relationships)

  • Finding Your Perfect Mate
  • 7 Tips For Fast Waist Loss
  • How To Get Better Clients
  • Where You Can Find ____
  • Top Time Management Tips That Work

Problems and Fears

  • How Secure is Your Water Source?
  • 7 Most Scary Facebook Invaders
  • Get Rid of Unwanted Clients
  • Why Your Inbox is at Risk
  • Here’s a Quick Cure for _____

Secrets, Facts, Fiction

  • The Secret to a Balanced Life
  • The Truth About Vitamin C Supplements
  • 5 Blog Techniques Experts Don’t Want You to Know
  • Fact or Fiction – Social Media Sells
  • How To Recognize a Fake ____

Tricks and Tips

  • Here’s a Quick Way to Groom Fido
  • 11 Expert Tips on Saving Gas
  • How to Blog Like a Pro
  • Creative Ways to Thank Customers
  • 5 Reasons Not to Start a Paper Route

Best and Worst

  • The City’s Best Apple Pie
  • The World’s Most Unusual Buildings
  • Top 10 Most Hated Professions
  • 20 of the Best Foreign Films
  • 5 Worst Campaign Speeches Ever


Think of how you can apply the above examples, by inserting your business’s language. Also, pay attention to your own inbox, and see what emails you read based on the subject line.

Do you want your emails to be opened? Use compelling  subject lines, and you’ll have a better chance at success.

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