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Better Referrals with Buying Signals

When you’re speaking to people at a networking event, you can’t expect that everybody is your ideal client, or that they are ready to buy your product or services that day, or ever. But, you never know who they know who might be looking for what you offer.

Networking is a referral opportunity for you and the connections you make. You might understand what someone offers, but in order to find them referrals, it’s helpful to know what the buying signals are for their business. You should also be prepared to let them know the buying signals for your ideal clients.


Buying signals are clues to what problems people are wrestling with. Often people are just complaining about something that’s bothering them, and they haven’t even thought of getting help for their situation. By listening closely, and understanding what they need, you can be a hero by introducing them to someone in your network, who can possibly help them.

Perhaps you’re listening to someone expressing a certain desire, or wish. That could be a buying signal, too. They might have a certain goal, and you know someone who can help them reach it.

Listen to what people are saying, whether you are in a business or personal setting. By recognizing buying signals, there may be an opportunity to refer someone in your network, and ultimately help them and the person with the problem or need.

As you get to know people in your network, you’ll get to know their individual buying signals. Make sure they know what yours are, too.


Here are buying signals examples for some fine people I know.

Local Bar and Grill

A local establishment has a great bar, menu, and live music. Besides the throngs of people that pass through there, daily, they are also a great venue for all kinds of family, friend, and business events and meetings.

Colleague – Buying signal:  

“I’ve got a family reunion coming up this fall. People are coming from all over Canada, but I don’t want to be stuck doing all the cooking for three days!”

Me – Referral:

“Have you thought of Deez Bar and Grill in Qualicum Beach? They can handle large parties, and have a huge menu that would suit everybody. Very family friendly. I’ll go check it out with you if you want.’


Photographers usually define themselves for certain niches. Make sure you know if they do weddings, portraiture, or business photos.

Colleague – Buying signal:

“I’ve been invited to speak at an event, and but I don’t have a current photo to send for their brochure.”

Me – Referral

“Let me introduce you to Dirk Heydemann at HA Photography, in Nanaimo. He specializes in business photography, and will definitely make you look good.”

Real Estate Agent

There are many real estate agents out there, so get to know who they are trying to attract.

Colleague – Buying signal:

“We have some friends moving from Alberta, and I don’t think they understand everything required for a relocation, including buying a house in BC.”

Me – Referral:

“I know a terrific Realtor who specializes in relocations. I’d be happy to introduce them to Kelly O’Dwyer, she’s with RE/MAX Nanaimo. They’d be in great hands, with Kelly.

Marketing Communications Services

Seeing as this is my blog, I thought I’d slide in a couple of buying signals you could listen for, and then refer those people to me. *wink*

Your Colleague #1 – Buying signal:

“We have so many competitors, it’s really hard to stand out from them. I’m not sure what we can do about it.”

You – Referral:

“Let me introduce you to Bonnie Chomica, from Marketing Done Write. She helps businesses build their online credibility to make them look like the go-to-experts. Bonnie will help you get noticed.”

Your Colleague #2 – Buying signal:

“We find it so hard to keep up with our marketing. We don’t do enough with social media, and our newsletter is dead. It takes up too much time, and I just don’t think we know what we’re doing.”

You – Referral:

“Sounds like you need to talk to Bonnie Chomica at Marketing Done Write. She helps businesses find the right marketing strategies, and then does the work for them.”

Buying Signals Conclusion

It could be difficult to get buying signals from a networking connection the first time you meet, but as you build your relationships, ask them what problems people have that they have the solution for.

You can even drop a couple of your own buying signals in a follow up email, after an event.

“It was good to meet you, Jason. We had a limited amount of time to discuss our mutual businesses, so I’d like to tell you a bit about what I’m looking for.”  Then, share a couple of your buying signals, and ask them for theirs.

Take the time to jot down a half a dozen buying signals to sprinkle throughout your networking activities. They will help people recognize when there is an opportunity to send you a referral.

If you want help with your networking buying signals, bios, or intros, Contact Me for a free consultation.

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