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written by Bonnie Chomica

The Case for Email vs Social Media

Are you tired of posting on social media and not getting any leads?

It’s so frustrating trying to keep up with all the changes in order to be effective.

And let’s face it, people are getting suspicious about privacy and bot spam and just plain saturation.

What if there was a better way to engage and get better results?

Email marketing to the rescue!

The tried and true platform is increasing in usage, not going away.

Consider email as your new best marketing friend.

To Rent or Own

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Besides scrambling with daily social media algorithm changes, social media is rented space. You don’t own any of the platforms you use, and they own your content.

If any platform you are on shuts down tomorrow you will have no Friends, no Fans, no Followers.

Poof!  They’d disappear.

Plus all your public content. Photos, videos, saved media.

Now, consider your email list.

You own that.

You have collected those names and email addresses (complying with anti-spam legislation, of course). Nobody can shut that down.

If you have permission to be in someone’s inbox, you have a much higher percentage of potentially converting that person into a client.

Email allows you to drip information to a reader with the intent of building a relationship. You build trust. People get to know you and your values, a bit of your personality.

And, as long as you provide ongoing value-added content, it is perfectly acceptable to make the occasional offer. You are in business after all, so people are okay with that.

In fact, if you share helpful information that shows you as being able to provide them with a solution to their problem or challenge, then they welcome that offer to purchase.

This graphic from OptinMonster shows that 60% of email users prefer email for promotions vs only 20% for social media.

stats showing email is better than social media


Think about your own inbox viewing.

You can’t possibly open and read every email that pops in there. I mean, how many newsletters, webinars, and blog posts have you signed up for? How many freebies have you downloaded, in exchange for your email address?

You may not have time to read them every time you see one, but that company’s brand is in your face. You realize there is probably valuable information in there, or maybe a great offer, but sometimes you let it go by, or you delete it…until the next one.

And that’s okay.

People will do that to yours too, but they inevitably saw your email and your brand momentarily entered their brain. It’s kind of a subliminal thing.

People are not always ready to buy on the day you send your offer. But, if you consistently send valuable, helpful, or insightful information, they will look forward to receiving your emails. And, when they are ready to buy, they’ll likely think of you and your brand offerings.

Better Than Fighting the Scroll

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When you post on social media you compete with scroll habits, if indeed your post gets served up in someone’s newsfeed. (organic reach – non-paid posts).

Think about viewing Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. You flip through to see what stands out and then maybe something will catch your eye and you’ll stop to read or view further.

Unless your business posts are getting high engagement (likes, comments, and shares), or you are actually paying to get your posts in front of people, those posts still only have a fraction of a chance of showing up in someone’s news feed.

What a waste.

With email, unless someone unsubscribes from your list (which is okay – don’t be sad), you have a higher probability to hit their inbox (85%*). Whether they read it is another thing, but I’ll cover that off in another post.

Take Email Action

Email marketing has so many facets, including

  • newsletters
  • drip nurture series
  • outreach – prospects, clients
  • events/webinars
  • promotions
  • surveys, research
  • customer service
  • and a whole lot more

And you have much more control over content, who receives your emails, and you get more detailed metrics, so that you can make better decisions.

Social media still has its uses, so don’t abandon it completely. Put more emphasis on email marketing to build trust and your personal brand. In fact, you can use social to gather more people to your email list where you’ll have more control over what they see.

If you have an email list, large or small, it’s time to put more focus on email marketing. You’ll find it more strategic and more effective than social media to convert more leads to clients.

Ready to investigate how email marketing can boost your business?

Book a 15-minute discovery session and we’ll see what could work best for you.

Happy Emailing!

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