Hey! It’s so cool you’re here, but I’m not hanging here anymore. Come visit me at BonnieChomica.com.


I’m Bonnie Chomica

From Winnipeg, to Toronto, to Calgary, I was the Big City Girl. I lived and worked downtown, and took advantage of every business and lifestyle opportunity. That meant exploring and experiencing many amazing things which shaped my personality, my knowledge, my life.

My husband and I got together in Calgary, and after a few years decided to move to Vancouver Island, where we could grow our own food. We now live on a third of an acre living a somewhat self-sustaining life from our fruit, nut, and vegetable gardens.

There’s no life like it.


In the big cities, I developed my career as a star employee. Here in BC, I run my own marketing consulting business, to make stars out of my clients.

One of my core values is to be connected. I’ve always felt part of a team, whether in athletics, or on a sales or marketing team. I love the idea of working together towards the same goals, and knocking the heck out of the competition.

As a freelance-work-at-home marketing consultant, I get my connection fix by being part of my clients’ teams. I am your advisor, guide, and cheerleader. My intention is to provide you with the know-how to build yourself up to look like the star in your industry, the Go To Expert.

I have extensive team experience. Over thirty years of it.

I spent fifteen years at AT&T Canada in a fifty-person marketing department. It was my university education. The diverse projects, and people I worked with, fed my enthusiasm to learn more. When I worked for them in Toronto, I learned the back-office operations of huge clients, including banks, government agencies, automotive giants, retail leaders, and airlines.

With a transfer to Calgary, I supported a Western Canada team of third-party agents who sold our services. This introduced me to the world of entrepreneurs. I loved them! They were risk takers and visionaries. Every move and communication had an impact.

After my departure from the corporate world, I went to work with several start-up companies. That was so fascinating because I got involved with almost every aspect of the business, from strategic planning to product development, sales, marketing, budgeting.  I even created and grew a customer service department.

Helping clients as a content marketing mentor is an incredibly rewarding part of my journey. I see smart business owners, like you, struggling to manage your marketing efforts. When I can share my knowledge and provide guidance to eliminate your frustrations and get you moving in the right direction, it excites me to contribute to your success.


How would you like a star player on your team, to make you look like a winner?

Content Marketing is not just about blogging. It includes your website, email marketing, social media and so much more. It takes consistent, continual effort to get noticed, build relationships, and attract leads.

As part of your team, I provide expert feedback on your activities, teach you best practices about content marketing, and give you personalized recommendations on how to improve and move forward.

I can help you reduce the struggle of getting all your content marketing done. Contact me today for a free 15-minute Discovery Session, and we’ll see what it takes to up your company’s game.


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