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How I got dumped off my own webinar, and didn’t even cry

by Bonnie Chomica How I got dumped off my own webinar, and didn’t even cry Do you panic when your tech doesn’t work? Like when you are doing a Facebook Live to the world, or a Zoom call with an important client. Or you’ve spent an hour updating your website and it doesn’t save, and you have to start over again. How about when you’re hosting a webinar and all of a sudden your screen goes black? That’s exactly what… Continue reading

The Best Path to Easier Writing

by Bonnie Chomica Best path to easier writing The Best Path to Easier Writing If you’re in business, you need to be a writer. Some people are okay with that, but many find it very painful. And unless you’re outsourcing everything you write (which is difficult to do), you might as well find ways to get good at it or at least make it easier. Let’s get you on the best path to easier writing. Whether you’re writing blog posts,… Continue reading

How to Stay Safe on Zoom (updated)

written by Bonnie Chomica Who’s lurking in your Zoom Meeting? How to Stay Safe on Zoom If you’re in business, by now you’ve probably heard of Zoom, the video conferencing app that’s taken the COVID-19 world by storm. But BEWARE! I’ve been using Zoom as a multi-purpose tool for a couple of years and LOVE IT! And during our recent isolation period, more businesses are turning to Zoom to help them continue or pivot their offerings. Even friends and families… Continue reading

How to Create a Blog Outline to Write Easier, Faster, Better

written by Bonnie Chomica How to Create a Blog Outline to Write Easier, Faster, Better Blog post outline   Most people are challenged by writing. How about you? You can’t find the time. You think it’s too difficult. Or, maybe you’re not sure how to go about it. Marketing is all about using the right words in the right place at the right time. So, writing has to be an essential part of your marketing efforts. It’s how you represent… Continue reading

Calls to Action – help your reader take next steps

written by Bonnie Chomica Calls to Action – help your reader take next steps Do you leave people on your website, blog, or email waiting for more? Are they just hanging there thinking about ‘what do I do now?’ When you present something in front of your audience whether it’s on your website, brochure, email, or any content, that reader will look for the next thing you want them to do. It’s up to you to give them direction on… Continue reading

Clean Your Website of Dust Bunnies

Clean Your Website of Dust Bunnies written by Bonnie Chomica Did you spend a lot of time creating your website? I’ll bet you did. There are so many components and things to consider. And then once it was created and published and you told the world…does it now just sit there? Maybe you’ve added a blog post or two. Maybe a new service or two, but how long ago was that? I suspect you may have some dust bunnies and… Continue reading

Goblins, Football, and Pumpkin Pie

written by Bonnie Chomica Easy Tips for Seasonal Content Fall and the end of the year can be a hugely busy time for business promotion. Do you find it hard to think of promotional or content ideas to get your name out there? The fourth quarter is full of holidays and calendar events that should give you plenty of ideas to be creative, fill your email and social feeds, and bring people closer to a sale. Here are just a… Continue reading

The Case for Email vs Social Media

written by Bonnie Chomica The Case for Email vs Social Media Are you tired of posting on social media and not getting any leads? It’s so frustrating trying to keep up with all the changes in order to be effective. And let’s face it, people are getting suspicious about privacy and bot spam and just plain saturation. What if there was a better way to engage and get better results? Email marketing to the rescue! The tried and true platform… Continue reading

Your Very Own Facebook Secret

written by Bonnie Chomica Your Very Own Facebook Secret! Do you feel hesitant sometimes to try certain things on your Facebook Page? You’re not sure what it will do or look like. It all just makes you nervous. Facebook can be fun and interesting, and it can also be intimidating and frustrating. To help you feel more confident to maximize your Facebook Page skills, I have a terrific idea for you. THE SECRET FACEBOOK PAGE Create a new separate Facebook… Continue reading

Your Help Could Earn You a Prepaid Visa Card

Bonnie Conducting Surveys written by Bonnie Chomica Your Help Could Earn You a Prepaid Visa Card I hope you can help me. If you do, you might win a prepaid Visa Card. Here’s how. I’m curious… Does marketing drive you nuts? Do you sometimes feel like you are going in circles? Every business owner I know struggles in some way with their marketing. So, you are not alone. Maybe you lack knowledge or skills, have technical challenges, or you don’t… Continue reading
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