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How Healthy Is Your Marketing?

Marketing is tough. Marketing takes time. Marketing is essential.

When you’re a do-it-yourselfer, sometimes you feel alone and not sure what to do.

Or you have studied and implemented many marketing strategies, but aren’t sure if they are working to their highest potential.

Consider this…

A little advice, another set of eyes, and a second opinion can make all the difference. Get your marketing in a healthy place and you will attract more clients.

Are you feeling a little sluggish about trying to figure out all the things you need to do, or if you are doing them ‘right’?

Get a personal diagnosis to show how you perform today and where you can improve!

A MARKETING CHECKUP will review your online presence, writing style, graphics use, and marketing tactics:

  • Confirm what you are doing well
  • Identify gaps that are hindering your progress
  • Provide recommendations to improve your credibility

With a Marketing Checkup, you will receive a personalized Marketing Prescription to boost your overall marketing wellness.

Elements reviewed in your Marketing Checkup:

marketing advice, marketing coach, marketing mentor, marketing help, marketing support

  1. Website – sitemap and writing
  2. Blog – language and format
  3. Social media – activities and content
  4. Newsletter – content and format
  5. Lead magnet freebie – content and delivery
  6. Email nurture series – content and offer
    Plus one more strategy – i.e. workshop, webinar, brochure, etc.

Don’t worry if you don’t have all 6 strategies to review. I’ll check the pulse of the ones you do have, and provide a customized recommendation for them all.

Ready to become a healthier marketer and show that you’re the Go-To Expert?

Get a Marketing Checkup and detailed Personalized Prescription!

Comprehensive, Insightful, & Practical

The process and feedback I received from Bonnie’s Marketing Checkup was extremely valuable. From a content marketing perspective she provided recommendations on how to improve and address the gaps in my marketing materials, including my website, social media platforms, lead magnet, and email nurture series. The details Bonnie explained in our recorded session were comprehensive, insightful, and practical. I highly recommend this service to improve your marketing effectiveness.

~ Pamela Thompson, Creative Life Coaching


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