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Content Marketing just seems so tough. There are sooooo many things to consider when pulling everything together.

And it is essential to boosting your credibility so that you stand out from the rest.

Are you afraid you’re wasting your time and not doing things right? Or maybe you’re starting to doubt yourself.

Recognize any of these?

  • You want to feel more confident with your online marketing
  • You don’t get all that Lead Magnet and Autoresponder stuff
  • You have a newsletter that’s not newsworthy
  • You want to have control over your social media
  • You need to be better and more consistent with your blog
  • You want to be seen as the go-to-expert so people choose you
  • You don’t have a good sense of what content you can create
  • You don’t want to look stupid

Do you relate to one or more of these statements?

Then it’s time to get some clarity, direction, and the skills and knowledge to improve your marketing effectiveness.

As your Content Marketing Mentor, I become your second set of eyes to bring an objective view of your efforts. I share my vast marketing experience by providing expert advice so you can start to get better results.

Your Marketing BFF

As your personal mentor, I become your content marketing advisor, a guide, and your personal supporter and cheerleader.

Together we will:

  • Fine-tune your marketing messages, so they are clear and enticing
  • Improve your visibility, so that people find you and learn to trust you
  • Boost your credibility factor, so that you look like the authority in your niche

You’ll receive my nuggets of knowledge to apply to each content marketing tactics. I’ll monitor your progress and critique your work, so you can make immediate improvements.

Based on our conversations, you will:

  • Learn best practices to implement today and in the future
  • Make tweaks and changes based on my advice
  • Gain customized knowledge specific to your marketing goals
  • Take more mindful actions to build your credibility so people learn to know, like, and trust you.

How It Works

I will review your current content marketing assets and provide a baseline critique.

We’ll set up a regular call (on the Zoom app) that will be recorded, so you can go back and review.
(weekly call for a 30-day package, semi-monthly calls for a 6-month package)

On each call you will receive:

  1. An evaluation of your previous activities to monitor your progress
  2. Tips and tricks and best practices to set you up for better effectiveness and efficiencies
  3. Direction and action items for to keep you moving forward

Between calls you can email me for support or to ask questions.

Your Content Marketing Mentor Options

Each Mentor Package is a hand-holding service to:

  • Teach you the basics of content marketing
  • Establish best practices and protocols to streamline your content
  • Prepare you for better do-it-yourself results

Depending on your current skill level and experience, you can choose from two different options.

Option 1 – ALL IN!

Do you want to build a solid content marketing foundation and learn how to scale up your efforts for greater impact? With a 6-month All In! Mentor Package, you’ll develop essential content marketing skills in 7 different areas and the knowledge to really understand how they all fit together. You’ll feel confident with what you learn and be able to implement new campaigns over and over again to make a significant impact on your results.

Book your 15-minute Discovery Call to get details.

Option 2 – ONE AT A TIME

The One at a Time Mentor Package is a great option if you want to really dig into one area of Content Marketing, really get good in a specific strategy. We’ll work together on an intensive 30-day program to learn and implement best practices. I monitor your work and progress and provide feedback so you can tweak things. After one strategy, you will likely consider diving into another strategy. Book 3 or more packages and you’ll receive a 20% rebate! See the chart below.

Book your 15-minute Discovery Call to get details

Mentor Package
(6 months)
Mentor Packages
(30 days per Strategy)
7 Strategies for $1997
or 3 payments x $750
('Buy' button is below)
Book 3 or more packages and
receive 20% rebate. Priced per Strategy
- content, language, format, delivery (2 posts)
- receive training, resources, accountability
- strategy, content, offer (up to 5 follow up emails)
- learn formula to increase conversions
- content, format, delivery
(1 freebie)
- sitemap, language, graphics (up to 7 pages)
- profiles, content, activities (Facebook focus)
- content, format, relationship building
(2 emails)
- brainstorm, resources, plan, calendar
One-time $1997 is
$380 savings over individual packages.

Buy 3 or more and
receive a 20% rebate
7 Strategies for 3 payments x $750

I only have room for a few Mentees at a time, so be sure to purchase your preferred package(s),today.

Not ready to commit to a package?


If you prefer, get a diagnosis of your content marketing activities with a Marketing Checkup. It provides an assessment of your current work, and a personalized prescription of how to effectively move forward. Get a checkup, today.

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