Press Releases

Press Releases can give your company instant credibility, if they’re professionally written.

Providing my Press Release Writing Service, I can help you prepare announcements for:

    • New Products
    • Upcoming Events and Tradeshows
    • Speaking Engagements
    • Results of an Initiative – data, perspective
    • New Staff, Partnerships, Leaders
    • New Book
    • Proposals, Reports
    • Success Stories

    Got any announcements coming up? Ask me about writing a professional press release.


    What is a Press Release?

    A press release is an opportunity to provide accurate and factual information. It is not a creative marketing or advertising piece.

    Your press release may not always be ‘picked up’ by a big publication, but can be a useful tool for:

    • Being discovered by bloggers or other influencers, who will tell your story
    • Creating enough interest for people to click back to your website
    • Search engine optimization – valuable content always ranks high
    • Building credibility – seeing a press release on your website looks highly professional

    If you want to look like the authority in your field, let me do some press release writing to showcase you and your business.


    There Are Rules

    If your press release is unprofessional, it won’t get read. Period.

    There is a standard format for press release writing, that includes the tone of your language, length – no more than 500 words, good grammar, proper spelling, and a concise message. There should be no cliches, or buzz words.

    It should follow basic journalism principles of who, what, when, where, why, and how.

    Are you used to writing advertising or marketing material? Press releases are very different.

    To have an effective and engaging press release written, contact me today.


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