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Social media is overwhelming!

It can be confusing, time consuming, and often technically frustrating for some to learn.

As your social media coach, I’ll take you by the hand and relieve some of your stress.

Together, we’ll develop an approach that’s logical and manageable, and involves one or more of the top four platforms:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Google Plus

I’ll even start you off with 2 weeks worth of content, so you’ve got a good foundation.

Alleviate your fears. Contact me today, for some social media coaching.


Why Social Media Marketing?

Social Media is not about posting pictures of your lunch, or pets. It’s Social Marketing and that’s where your customers are today.

Top 3 reasons why you need to be sociable:

  1. Engage your customers and build relationships, so they’ll like and trust you
  2. Drive people to your website to convert them to a sale
  3. Build your online reputation by sharing valuable content to educate and entertain

Now that makes sense, doesn’t it?

Boost your business with social media marketing. Contact me for more information.


How to Control Your Social Media Time

You don’t need to spend hours every day figuring out what to do. There are many tools and processes that will make your social media marketing manageable.

I’ll show you some inside tricks, so you can manage your precious time.

It’s okay to ask me for help.


What Do You Post?

What you post depends on your audience, your business, and your business personality. It also depends on what your social media objective is.

I’ll create a plan, that includes some resources, so you always have an idea of what types of things you can post. After awhile, you’ll feel comfortable, become more savvy,  and get more creative.

I’ll also keep an eye on what your doing, and provide feedback so you can improve.

Find out how to attract more customers using social media.


Technical Guidance

Are you technically challenged? Don’t worry, I’ve got a little bit of geek in me and can translate the social media jargon, or help you with some of the technical processes.

I can also help you figure out the most efficient way to use pictures, videos, and text formatting to ensure you are using the best practices of social media.

Fuel your business. Contact me to start your Social Media Action Plan.

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