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Sound Bites That Sell

Testimonials Done For You


Does the thought of getting testimonials drive you crazy?

Perhaps you feel awkward when you ask clients for testimonials.
And worse, they hate writing them!

You know you need strong testimonials on your website.
They provide that valuable social proof that will attract more clients.

But, they take time (who has that), and effort (it’s difficult to ask for praise), and need to be written just right, to be of any use to your marketing.

Don’t be left with “Susie did a real good job.” That kind of testimonial won’t get you any business at all.

Let me take the pain out of getting those fabulous sound bites!

I offer Sound Bites That Sell…
Testimonials Done For You!

  • I interview your clients, as an unbiased third party.
    • I get deeper into their story, and hear things they might not say to you.
  • I write each testimonial, so you and your clients don’t have to.
    • I write from a marketing perspective so the endorsement will have greater impact.
  • You’ll attract more clients with this effective marketing tool.
    • People will see your testimonials and think I want that, too!

The whole process is highly professional, and so much more comfortable for both you and your client.

Here’s what Jacqui said about her Testimonial package:

Bonnie got better feedback than I could ever have
–  Jacqui Williamson, Renovation Design, Parksville

I was going to ask my friend to get my client testimonials, but it didn’t seem quite right. Asking Bonnie to do it for me was more professional. It was great, because she really tapped into my business direction, and interviewed my clients from a strategic approach.

She articulated benefits of what I thought were boring stories, and captured the enthusiasm and energy of happy clients. Bonnie got better feedback than I could ever have, and presented it in a way that will attract more clients for me.

Testimonials Done For You

In today’s tough market, Social Proof is essential to build trust, show your credibility, and to attract new clients. Strong testimonials will do that.

Let me interview your clients, as an unbiased third party, and I’ll extract more useful and targeted testimonials. They will motivate people to take action to contact you.

Why does my testimonial service work?

  • Presents essential social proof, that validates your credibility to build the know, like, and trust factor
  • Creates a stronger marketing message, so that you truly stand out to attract more business
  • Removes any awkwardness in your client relationship, so you and your client will feel more comfortable
  • Saves you a lot of time, because you don’t have to interview your client, try to write an effective endorsement, and then get them to approve it.

Are you ready to create some action from your website or your brochures?

Contact me today to book a three-pack of business-attracting Sound Bites That Sell.

Email me at info@MarketingDoneWrite.ca, or call (250) 667-7647 (Canada).

Strong testimonials will have your prospects saying, “I want that, too!

Here’s how Dan benefitted:

“Way more strategic than the realtor rating sites.”
– Dan Morris, Nanaimo Realtor

“I’ve had no time to focus on getting client testimonials, so when Bonnie offered her service, I jumped on it. Such a simple hands-off process. After providing her with client names, she did all the work. Bonnie wrote three great testimonials, with more strategic messages than what ends up on the realtor rating sites. I now have a new, powerful marketing tool in my arsenal, to attract more clients.”

Get your Testimonials Done for You at info@MarketingDoneWrite.ca, or call (250) 667-7647 (Canada).


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