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You want more customers, right?

Make sure your website content shows you are ready to receive them.

Getting visitors to your website can be challenging, so when they do come a knockin’, I can make sure they stick around for awhile.

Do you have a new website, or you want to spruce up the old one? Ask me for a quote on web content writing services, and include your url/website address.


Why Do People Visit Your Website

As a website content writer, I furnish your pages with compelling words that make visitors feel like they are in the right place.

Think of yourself when you visit a web page. You are likely looking for one of three things:

  1. An answer to a question
  2. A solution to a problem
  3. A way to achieve your desire

Good website content writing will spark an interest to learn more about what you offer, and bring people closer to a sale.

My effective web writing will entice visitors to take action to:

  • Fill in your ‘contact us’ form
  • Pick up the phone
  • Place an order
  • Sign up for your newsletter
  • Click on a link for more information
  • Register for an event

What do you want your prospects to do to shorten your sales cycle?


 I Make Things Easy

My web content writing ensures a great website visitor experience. The whole objective is to make things easy for your site visitor, and beneficial.

When I have finished writing your website content, your site will:

  • be easy to scan for information
  • be benefit rich – what’s in it for them
  • showcase what you do – simply, succinctly
  • be a cinch to contact you – in many ways
  • have ‘calls to action’ – tell the visitor what you want them to do next

The design of your website is simply structure and functionality. It’s got no substance until I furnish it with Google-loving content.

Are you ready to convert your website visitors into customers?

Although I perform website content writing for Parksville and Nanaimo businesses, I have clients across Canada, eh.

So, stick around, learn more about my other web writing and marketing consulting services, and I’ll make you look good…online.


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