~Are you maximizing your tradeshow investment?

~Is your message clear and attracting the
right audience?

~Do you have a fool-proof follow-up strategy?


Get feedback and advice from
Bonnie Chomica from Marketing Done Write




Here are some of Bonnie’s Tips to get you started! 

A HealthExpo attendee will be overwhelmed by messages from all exhibitors.
Here are some tips on how  YOU  can stand out before, during, and after the show.

– All materials should address one person, so you can make a connection and attract your ideal client

– Language, images, and offers should be consistent before, during, and after the show, so your brand message is reinforced

– Create curiosity to entice people to come to your booth and to learn more after the show

– Provide educational information or experience, so you are providing added value and not just selling

– Focus on the benefits of your service or product to the attendee, instead of just features or company information

– Create follow-up emails or phone scripts before the show, so you avoid scrambling when you’re busy getting back to work

Make a Bigger Impact at HealthExpo

Hurry, and Get a Tradeshow Checkup!

Why this is important for you:

    • Marketing is not your expertise, so get professional input from someone who can help
    • Your time and money is invaluable, so ensure you get better results from your efforts
    • Gather valuable advice, so you can apply it to more of your marketing plus future shows


With oodles of marketing knowledge and fresh eyes on your materials,
Bonnie will provide valuable feedback and expert advice depending on your communications elements, including:


– website, email, and social media plan


– exhibit messaging (display, posters, etc.)

– action content (i.e. email gathering, product launch)

– education, value-added info


– follow up strategy (phone script or email nurture series)

– any social or newsletter requirements

With this Tradeshow Checkup, get comprehensive feedback and direction on your plan, materials, and follow up strategy.

Clarity and Doable Action Items

I attained a lot of clarity during Bonnie’s Checkup. She affirmed what is working for me now, and identified what I’m missing out on. I came away with four action items that are clear and doable that will help me attract more clients. Bonnie is a wealth of knowledge, is organized, and highly professional. This was a valuable experience!

~ Sheila Leclerc, Life Coach

Cultivate more confidence in your tradeshow marketing so that you can attract more clients.


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Comprehensive, Insightful, & Practical

The process and feedback I received from Bonnie’s Checkup was extremely valuable. She provided recommendations on how to improve and address the gaps in my marketing materials, including my website, social media platforms, lead magnet, and email follow up series. The details Bonnie explained in our recorded session were comprehensive, insightful, and practical. I highly recommend this service to improve your marketing effectiveness.

~ Pamela Thompson, Creative Life Coaching

PROCESS: Once you pay, you will see a thank you message with a link to my TimeTrade online scheduler. Click that link and book your 15-minute Discovery Session where we will discuss your show objectives, and make a plan for your Tradeshow Checkup.

Effective and strategic communications are essential
for show success, before, during, and after your
exhibit participation.

Make the most of your investment with a Tradeshow Checkup.

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I’m looking forward to serving you to elevate your tradeshow results.



Bonnie Chomica
Your Content Marketing Mentor
Marketing Done Write

PS – if you are still not ready to make the best of your HealthExpo experience, feel free to email me with your questions at info@marketingdonewrite.ca.

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